UPDATE: #SaveTheGraveyard Petition Response from Universal Orlando

Graveyard Friends…

Thanks again for showing your support for ‘Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue’ and for signing the #SaveTheGraveyard petition @ SaveTheGraveyard.com.

I’m certain that both cast & crew as well as loyal fans are happy to know they’re in such good company! I’m pleased to report that that we’ve not only accumulated over 1400 signatures (and counting) but also that our efforts have caught the attention of Universal Orlando’s executive team. Yesterday, I spoke with VP of Corporate Communications, Tom Schroder, who shared the following:

“We know the show has its fans – and we respect their loyalty. But we also know we have to make room for new and exciting entertainment experiences so that we can keep growing and keep making our guests happy. We will continue to have a Beetlejuice character in our park – and we will try to give our fans plenty of time to see the Beetlejuice show before we close it.”

We’ll each interpret this statement in our own way, but I believe we should feel very encouraged by the commitment to keep the Beetlejuice character a part of the Universal Orlando experience. That said, let’s continue to show our support for Beetlejuice and the Universal Monsters. Ask friends & fans who haven’t already to sign the #SaveTheGraveyard petition @ SaveTheGraveyard.com

Thanks again for your support. See you in The Graveyard!

Antony Coukos